Principal Desk

Principal Desk

Dr. Manoj Kumar Agarwal


    It is a matter of a great pleasure and pride for me to invite you to walk through the portals of  N.A.S. College, Meerut as one of the oldest college of western Uttar Pradesh. It is well known for imparting higher education in traditional and contemporary areas of Science, Arts, Commerce, Law and Education with International Standards and recognition. First of all, let me welcome you all to Nanakchand Anglo Sanskrit College, Meerut also known by its acronym NAS. The College, established in 1952 is affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut with its campus at E.K. Road, Meerut. The institution is known for its achievements in higher education as well as games and sports. It has produced Scientists, Administrators, Judges and Politicians of national and international repute. It also has produced many renowned hockey players including servel Olympians who have won laurel for the country. N.A.S. College is committed to prepare its students as able professionals- creative, committed, liberal, alive to their environment and capable to contribute to the country’s advancement as well as achieve their goals in a rapidly changing economic and civic environment.

    The challenges to our higher system, particularly the colleges are to carve out a path and a strategy for themselves so that they can be effective instruments in the process of transformation of this country. Simply producing employable graduates and postgraduate is not enough. Creation of new knowledge and innovative mind should be the focus of higher educational system.

    With this aim in mind, we are making sincere and committed efforts to develop this college as a well recognized and established centre of higher education. We are striving hard to produce better individuals with right interests, attitude, moral and intellectual values. We are helping the students to develop their knowledge, skills, competence and attitude to use them for growth and prosperity of the society.

    I wish to take this opportunity to welcome the students, academicians and all those interested in higher education to our college by exploring this web site. I am sure you will have memorable experience in this endeavour.

    We welcome all positive suggestions for development of our college.

    With best wishes !!

    (Dr. Manoj Kumar Agarwal)